Dreamer's World July 23 2016 - The Quest For Peace

    I am going to do my best to enjoy this weekend. If that means turning the TV off, so be it. I am tired of the shitstorm of a world we live in right now. I am tired of the lies and deceit. I am tired of the self-righteous pricks who would destroy the world in order to please their imaginary god. I am tired of the hatred and the racism that is killing us all.
    I want peace. I want that peace to start with me, but for that to happen I must cleanse myself of all the negative energy that the world produces in abundance. Therefore I resolve to let the fires rage all around me for 2 days in order to give myself that peace I so desperately crave.
FUCK TRUMP. FUCK CLINTON. FUCK TERRORISTS. FUCK RELIGION. FUCK THE MEDIA. Saying those things is the first step towards Enlightenment. Get all that negative energy out of my system. That is the beginning of something new. That is the acceptance of the peace I am seeking.

    I want to go out and take pictures of the wonderful things around me. I want to write about those things without the old shit creeping back in for 2 whole days.

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