Dreamer’s World July 14 2016

    As I near the end of my first week back at work after vacation, I find myself taking stock of things in my life once again. We have talked recently about moving to a larger apartment when our lease is up next Spring. Right now, this is purely in the discussion phase, but still worth taking into consideration right now.
     I know that another factor in all of this has been my decision to transfer my cell service to Google Project Fi as soon as I can pay off the remainder of my current provider contract. A little temporary pain that will lead to long-term prosperity is how I see it. Hal (person) is now acting more and more interested in switching his own service to Project Fi, although he is more heavily invested in his current plan than I am with mine. I suspect that after the next generation of Nexus phones are released with the Google Daydream VR software, and any new headsets hit the market will be the time when Hal (person) will really get serious about switching over. That will be his decision to make, and I am not going to press him on it.
     Personally, I don’t care for the VR thing. I spend enough time on the computer at work and with my personal writing to want to obligate even more time to that each day just to put on a headset. Normally, I am all about new tech toys, but VR simply hasn’t drawn my attention in the way that other things have.
     Those are some of the things that have gone into the consideration about moving to a slightly larger apartment. One thing that I would be in favor of would be a larger kitchen, particularly one that is open to the living area so I would not be closed off from everything while I cook. Subconsciously, I know that is one factor that keeps me out of the kitchen now even though I should be cooking more here. Plus, having more storage in the kitchen would be a tremendous bonus as well.

That is all in the future as far as the apartment is concerned. It will be almost a year before we have to make that decision and things can change a lot between now and then.
     If we do get out, I will try once again to get something to cook nup at home from the grocery store. If not, tomorrow is Friday and I can get the items then. For the remainder of the workday, I have several more meetings to participate in, although at least one of those is more of a passive participation on my part.
     If we do go out after work, it will be HOT. THe temperature is expected to approach 100 degrees this afternoon with lots of humidity. I still have no idea if Hal (person) will want to go out at all, I will check with him after I finish here at work.
     I am ready to attend the last meeting of the day now. It is never a good sign when the other people haven't shown up at the appointed time.

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