Dreamer's World July 31 2016 - Update On Project Fi And Writing Again After A Self-Imposed Break

Friday I finally made up my mind that I am fully committed to nProject Fi for my cell phone service. I have paid off the balance on my equipment from my current provider and am waiting for the billing cycle to close before canceling my service. I underestimated how much I would save by switching to Project Fi, so this really became a no-brainer decision for me. The upfront cost will be offset in just a few months by the savings I will accrue.
The fact that I am going through with this says a lot about Project Fi and how pleased I am with it. The thing is I was very satisfied with the service and support from my old carrier, but the cost each month was getting ridiculous. I can put the money spent on cell service to much better use.
I don’t feel that I have necessarily been screwed over by this because technology constantly evolves and Project Fi is the new standard that the carriers should ascribe to. Project Fi has the advantage of not being a traditional carrier, so their overhead costs are much lower. This allows them to pass along those savings to the consumers.
As of Friday afternoon, I am 100% onboard with Project Fi. I feel as if a weight has been lifted (and it has) in terms of the bill that I was paying each month. I underestimated how much I will be saving, it will be over $200 per month as a result of the switch!
The relief that I feel now is palpable. I know that I will have that extra money to take care of other things from now on.
As for the weekend, it has been a quiet one. I am debating whether or not to go to brunch. Part of me wants to, another part says why bother since I would be on my own and I really don’t enjoy sitting around groups of people who planned to get together as I sit alone. Perhaps I will go somewhere for more fast-food this afternoon rather than deal with the depression of brunch.
I suppose that Burger King counts as “brunch” in the widest definition of the term. At least I avoided the uncomfortable situation I mentioned above. The trip did get me out for a while since Hal (person) is at work and won’t be home until early this evening. FOr the remainder of the afternoon, I will probably be here at home spending time with The Stooges and resting.
I am continuing my boycott of the news. My mood is better as a result. I have taken the steps of blocking those on social media who have nothing constructive to say about my choice to support Dr. Jill Stein in the election. It is quicker and more appropriate to just block those people who accuse me of supporting the dumpster fire from the republiKKKan because I will not pledge allegiance to the corrupt and ineffective democratic candidate. A walnut or a damp mop should be able to beat the dumpster without any trouble, and the fact that Clinton seems to be having trouble in this case is an indictment of the democrats and their rigged primary system rather than of my refusal to be complicit in their charade.

The evening is here, and another weekend is gone far too soon. Let’s make the upcoming week a great one!

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