Dreamer's World July 22 2016 - Another Day, Another Massacre, And The Cycle Goes On

Once again, the world cannot get through a week without some lunatic/s killing people somewhere in the world. The events in Munich are tragic, but I realize that we only hear about these events when they happen in a “Western” country. There are countless tragedies around the world, but for some reason we only focus on those in the US or Europe. I don’t think it is necessary to accuse the establishment and the media of racism, I think that is painfully obvious already.
Once again the media has gone into a public display of on-screen masturbation when it comes to allegedly reporting on the tragedy in Munich. The first opinions are always that this is the work of Muslim religious lunatics. I think that those who really would love to strike at the West must be laughing their asses off if they had nothing to do with this. It is a reflex action of the media to assign blame without facts, because as with all Conservative groups, facts just tend to get in the way. If this is determined to be the work of some other group, the media will never issue an apology for smearing an entire group of people. We already know that if this is the action of some European or Caucasian lunatic that they will be attributed the the “mentally disturbed individual” or “lone wolf” category since White people are never terrorists according to the media.
This brings up a very interesting and important point. The very notion that a White person would act out individually, and be given the blanket defense of mental instability whereas a non-White would be labeled with a guilt by association tag is extremely dangerous. It attributes lesser humanity to those who are not White. There is a word for this and it is RACISM.
Take the example of the WHITE shooter who killed NINE PEOPLE at a church in Charleston, SC in 2015. The WHITE shooter exhibited the pattern of exposure to RWNJ propaganda and RACIST material and Christian propganda, he posed with Confederate flags and guns. Disregarding this evidence, he was labeled as a “disturbed individual”.
Any time that the terrorist is non-White, any associations this person had are used to lead to the conclusion that they were “radicalized”, especially their religion. “Radicalized” is a new word for people who are non-White. Their motives must be clear to everyone, which infers that non-Whites are less capable of determining right from wrong than Whites. This is a textbook definition of RACISM.
So long as we continue this RACIST and destructive pattern of dealing with people, we will have no peace. The eternal call for vengeance against people who had nothing to do with the terrorists other than they look similar, brings nothing but more hatred and racism and violence.

When the US “accidentally” kills 85 civilians who happen to get in the way of our “righteous” ordnance, we ignore this and instead talk about our “heroic struggle” against terrorism. This conveniently ignores that FACT that we ourselves are committing terrorist atrocities against innocent people. And yet we act personally wronged when someone attacks us. The hypocrisy is staggering once you get our head unwarped from the media BULLSHIT that we see each and every time one of these events occurs in a “Western” nation.

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