Dreamer's World July 18 2016 - The last time there was this much TOXIC WASTE in Cleveland, the river caught on fire!

Every 4 years, the American people are treated to a freak show put on by both political parties in which certain selected and favored people gather in some American city to have collective orgasms over the candidate that they feel will be our next President. It does make one wonder why we have to go through 2 years of BULLSHIT just to get to this point, but it is all about publicity and visibility.
The “media” does their best to follow breathlessly along with these freak shows without actually giving the public any real information, but this is no surprise since that is all that our “media” is good for these days. We will be subjected to speeches from people who we have never heard of, or worse yet, those who we no longer even care about, as they struggle for some grasp at relevancy before they once again fade rapidly into the obscurity they so fully deserve. These sad people will be presented as “news” because that is the way our society operates. To give credibility to these morons explains a lot about why this country is in the mess we have today.

Having said all that, the republiKKKan RWNJ Nazi freak show is attempting to out-crazy the most bat-shit crazy people among us. This should not be reported as “news” unless it is described as the “outbreak of mental instability in Cleveland”. Sadly, this won’t happen and this shitstorm will be given a measure of credibility that it does not deserve.

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