Dreamer's World July 18 2016 - My Thoughts on the Turkish Coup

And now, the week starts once again. If we haven’t managed to commit planetary suicide overnight, Monday will have started far too soon. I wish that I had enjoyed the weekend more, I think that in the future, I will just keep the TV turned OFF during the weekend in order to preserve what is left of my sanity.
Between Friday afternoon and last night we had a coup attempt in Turkey and police officers shot and killed in Baton Rouge. Since everyone else is writing about Baton Rouge, I will focus on Turkey.
I believe that the culprit behind the coup is NOT the USA. I believe that the culprit is Erdogan himself. Yes, I think that he staged the entire thing along with his security forces. The why is obvious, it allowed him to appear to crush a coup that was never really a danger to him and thus consolidate his power even more.
If I were writing the scenario, I would guess that Erdogan and his security forces convinced some mid-level officers in the Turkish Army to attempt the coup. This guaranteed that the planning would not be sufficient to carry the coup out successfully. The officers involved simply lacked the organizational skills and the influence necessary to get the job done. It would have been a failed plot from the start.
This allowed Erdogan to appear to be under threat to the rest of the world, while that was not really the case. All he had to do was to renounce the coup and call for his supporters to go into the streets. Obviously this was a successful plan.
Initially, I wondered why citizens in places like Istanbul, where Erdogan is not as popular, would go along with this call for taking to the streets. After about an hour researching things, I have to conclude that even the anti-Erdogan segment of the population was tired of seeing the military attempt to take control as they have so often in the past in Turkey. Politically, this was a master stroke for Erdogan, who then appeared to be the legitimate leader of a widely-supported resistance campaign that ultimately defeated the botched (intentionally) coup.
Of course, over the weekend we saw the real Erdogan agenda begin to take shape. Thousands of people who very likely had NOTHING to do with the planned coup have been arrested. Erdogan has attempted to identify the US as the instigator of the coup, without any evidence to back up that claim, but then again, Erdogan doesn’t need proof, innuendo is enough for him.
And of course, the “people in the street” are calling for executions. Erdogan will appear to not be in factor of this, but will relent and proclaim that the “will of the people” must be obeyed. Actually, it comes as no surprise at all Erdogan will take this course because I am certain that the “people in the street” are taking their orders from Erdogan in the first place.

I hope that the EU rejects Turkey’s candidacy as a result of this RWNJ blatant power grab by a homicidal lunatic named Erdogan. When we read the stories from the past 2 years, it had been obvious that something like this was going to happen.

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