Dreamer's World July 6 2016

     It doesn't seem fair! This week is basically halfway over, and I already wish I had taken more time off work. Today has been spent at home because it is really hot and miserable outside right now. The temperature is in the 90s, but the heat index adds at least 10 degrees to make it really nasty. Hal (person) is home from work and has gone to take a nap. I won;t disturb him because he does deserve a break.
     The lack of activity is making me rather sleepy as well. I have thought about a nap before evening. If I do that, afterwards perhaps Hal and I can do something if he feels like it. I am not going to press him on things, however. I know that we will have all day tomorrow and Friday together, and that is something to look forward to.
     Even The Stooges are feeling the hear today. I have caught each of them at one time or another laying on the tile floor in the kitchen in order to cool off. I can understand how they must feel since cats lack the ability to sweat like humans do and therefore it is essential that they have a cool place to retreat to.
     I am still debating about dinner for this evening. Perhaps we will stay home, or we might go out as I mentioned earlier. Time will tell.

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