Dreamer's World April 28 2015 - Making Changes

    As I am now approved to work from home full-time, there are changes that will have to be made to the area where I normally set up the computers from the office. The first thing that I have to do is to make this are more comfortable since I will be spending at least 8 hours a day in this location. It is something that I had considered for some time, but now the issue has been resolved and I am beginning to make the necessary changes.
    The first thing that has to go is the old computer desk. It is far too small to be useful with the new machines here now. I purchased a new desk and am awaiting delivery on it later this week. I chose to have it delivered and assembled (extra cost) because the boxes wouldn't fit in the Beetle, and I am getting too old to try to put something together only to find that the parts to the desk don't fit the way they should! I decided to save myself the trouble and get it done this way.
    Until the desk arrives, I am taking some time to go through the things I brought from the office as well as things that are already in place here and determining what I do and do not need. This purging is necessary again due to the lack of space and I don't want a pile of items to just sit and look awful in the room. This effort is one that I am taking rather slowly. There is no point in rushing through this now, but I will complete it before the new desk arrives. I am finding items that are duplicates of what I already have here in terms of the normal desk accessories, so that makes part of the decision extremely easy.
     The more difficult part is going through items that are stored in this room. There is far too much old paperwork, items that I had forgotten that I even had and will never use again, and things that I simply have no idea about how they got here! Once again, the process is the same. I have to go through, decide what is important enough to keep and then make sure that there will be a new place for it. Then I have to get rid of the stuff that I have no further use for in order to make more available space in the room.
     I am convinced that this room will look totally different by the end of this week when I am finished with the reorganizing. I am purposefully trying to eliminate any clutter and to keep spaces open and accessible for a change. Since the transition to working from home is permanent, I want a pleasant and enjoyable place from which to work. The last thing I want to see is a bunch of stuff that doesn't have a home and needs to go away.
     I will be spending time each day before the new desk arrives getting things out of the way around here. It won't interfere with my working, since I will do it when I take breaks throughout the day. One step at a time, and this place will look awesome!
     I suppose that this is something that we all have to do in our lives, metaphorically speaking of course. We all need to take time and get rid of the old baggage that clutters up our lives. This enables us to look forward and not back. I believe that the Greek word is Catharsis, at least as it relates to a purge of things. I suppose that the emotions attached to the items we choose to discard might make this a more apt description after all, but it isn't really that important in the big picture.
     I have gotten quite a bit cleared away during my break time today. With some effort each day, things will be definitely be ready for the new desk later this week.
    Tuesday begins and I can see a big difference in the place already. There is less clutter as the cleanup continues in preparation for the new desk arriving on Thursday if all goes according to plan. I am already looking forward to the new setup, right now I have a laptop sitting on the bed because there is no more room on the desk for it. This makes for extremely uncomfortable viewing when I need information from there. I do not want to keep this setup any longer than I have to.
     The clutter is even less visible now. Things are looking great as room opens up for the new desk. Since I have to travel tomorrow morning as part of the job, I want as much done as possible today. Since I am going to plan on disassembling this desk either tomorrow evening or Thursday morning. Now I am preparing for the afternoon full of conference calls before quitting time. Glad to say that things are moving along rather nicely. Once I get through this last conference call, I am going to the gym with Hal as I attempt to get back into shape. The benefit of working from home is that I am not nearly as tired these days. Hopefully, with Hals help, I can get in an hour or so of good work today.

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