Dreamer's World April 5 2015 - Lightning Crashes

    I was just listening to some music when the song "I Alone" started playing. I thought it was kind of ironic since the lyrics contain the words "Lightning Crashes ". Since I had been searching for inspiration to write this blog post, the connection of events seemed natural to me.
The image of lightning crashing is a sudden and dramatic event, where as Inspiration is like that at times, there are other times when Inspiration is all around us just waiting to be discovered. It is a matter of perspective to appreciate things that are around us all the time. I have Hal and the Stooges with me, there is so much that goes on that would make some great blog posts. I need to take the time to respond to those everyday occurrences when I think about writing.
It is easy to look at what other writers have done and feel inadequate, but that defeats the purpose of writing. I write because I love doing it. Like all things, I sometimes take it for granted, but the love never ebbs. I need to train myself to be more responsive to these things, to let the appreciation become automatic. When I reach for the laptop or my phone immediately as something happens, I will know that I have arrived at a higher level of understanding my need to write.
I will be relaxing this evening in preparation for tomorrow at the office. At least I am sure that I will be there by myself again as I continue to maneuver to get my workplace reassigned to home. This is an ongoing process that will not be complete for a while longer, but I have been patient and can wait a while longer. Having said that, my patience is not infinite, and I hope to have this successfully resolved by the end of this month at the latest.
I have my next goal. I will try to be more spontaneous with my writing. This will also introduce me to the regular discipline of editing as I go along. I hope that this will improve my writing, but only time will tell.

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