Dreamer's World April 12 2015 - Blogging On Sunshine

Blogging In The Sunshine
Today I am doing something that I have dreamed about doing since I began keeping this daily blog on January 1st. I am sitting outside and Blogging in the Sunshine (cue Katrina and the Waves), and it feels fantastic! THe only difficulty is the glare on the screen, but shoe typing errors can be corrected later!
I have always wanted to sit and write with the breeze blowing and the sun shining brightly, and not a cloud in the sky, and today is that day! I feel so incredible as I write this. I made certain that all the housework and errands were taken care of before venturing outside to the balcony. I had the suspicion at the back of my mind that the weather would turn for the worse, that clouds and rain would somehow manage to creep in and ruin my plans, but here I am.
I am so lucky to be where I am, and to have Hal and The Stooges with me, although not all out here on the balcony with me now. I feel free, I feel invigorated, I feel complete. Writing is a big part of me, but at times it seems almost impossible to get things written down and capture how I really feel at the time. I don’t feel that restriction today. This is AWESOME!
I am going to take time this Spring and Summer to get out and write more when I am not cooped up indoors. I have my phone to provide the hotspot, and I can always write offline if I choose to, either way is fine with me. I am perfectly happy to blog on the Chromebook. I remember all the wishing to have a MacBook Air, they are wonderful machines, but this does me just fine.
I will enjoy the rest of this afternoon until Hal gets home from work. I have 1 last load of laundry and that will be done. I have pork chops marinating so I can cook them tonight or tomorrow. This is the weather that we have all been waiting for in this area. We were all tired of the clouds and the dreary cool weather. It is time for Sunshine and warmth at last.
As I am getting into the swing of things, Hal gets home early. I stopped writing to find out how his day went, and find out that he needed to go to the store. My perfect afteroon isn’t ruined, I just have something else to do.

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