Dreamer's World April 6 2015 - Childhood Memories

On a beautiful day like this, bring stuck at work just doesn’t seem fair! I feel like I did when I was in school and Spring arrived. Looking out of the window on a day like this, the possibilities seem endless if only I was outside to enjoy this day. Lessons and classes were hard to concentrate on at times like this, and I find that trait has carried over into adulthood.
When I was a child, days like this would mean playing outside until dinner time and coming home exhausted. As an adult, just getting home from work at the end of the day leaves me feeling exhausted! It just isn’t fair!
I will try to do something after work to enjoy the weather. I have no idea what that might be at this time. Perhaps I will just take a nice walk after I get home. Hopefully, Hal will want to do something as well. I know that he is busy getting through the college courses that he has to finish by the end of next month, but there is a chance to do something together if he is able.
Sitting through conference calls is not as bad on a day like this because I can always step outside to enjoy the weather while I am on mute (of course). My presence at these calls is just a formality since it is the developers who occupy most of the time. It is just as bad as listening to a teacher or a professor talk while I daydream of being outside. In this regard, life remains unchanged since childhood. Since the other people on the conference call are scattered around the country, I cannot say if any of them are experiencing the glorious weather that we are today.
I will make it through today at the office. I will hopefully be able to get out some with Hal this afternoon. If not, I will try to do something on my own to enjoy this day.

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