Dreamer's World April 14 2015 - Strange Days Indeed

I was unable to get this blog post out yesterday.

There are always days in which nothing seems to go right, or at least to go the way that we want it to. Today has been one of those days.

No matter in the long run because lunch will be delicious. I am having one of the pork chops that I cooked yesterday along with some nice sides. Another advantage to working from home is the easy access to the kitchen, and not forgetting to pack something in the lunchbox.
Tomorrow I will go back to the office since I have to travel to meet with the client anyway. Plus, the cleaning ladies will be there tomorrow during the afternoon. I suspect that I will soon find that I get so much more work done from home than I ever did at the office.
Lunch was delicious. I am getting ready for the daily conference call grind that will go through the afternoon. I am also waiting for word on the Beetle. The garage didn't have time to get to it yesterday, so hopefully there won’t be any bad news today. Although it is after 1400, I still have not heard from them. This is getting critical because I will either need the Beetle for tomorrow or I will have to call in to the weekly meeting and not go to the office.

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