Dreamer's World April 7 2015 - Sleepless

    Another night when I wake up for absolutely no valid reason and cannot get back to sleep! Times like this are incredibly frustrating, but have to be dealt with. It is one of those nights when the temperature just cannot be regulated properly. It is either too hot or too cold, and no amount of adjust things seems to make the right difference.
    I am an old pro at this. I no longer get upset by these bouts of insomnia so I do what comes naturally, and that is to write in order to pass the time. As always on nights like this, Stevie Nicks is on my lap to keep me company. I can only hope that she realizes how much her company means to me. I believe that she does.
    After an hour, it becomes clear that this will be one of those nights. Sleep seems unattainable right now. The last thing that I want is the TV blaring because as boring as it is, it never helps me get back to sleep. Plus, the noise might wake Hal, and that won't be fair to him.
    I will manage to get back to sleep or I won't. That remains to be seen. So far the answer to that question remains NO. After an hour of quietly moving around the apartment to avoid waking Hal, I am no closer to sleep.
    Since I woke up at 0030, and it is now 0400, I am officially giving up on sleep for tonight since I would normally be up at around 0500 anyway. This will be a very long and tedious day for me at work, but I will do the very best that I can.

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