Dreamer's World April 22 2015 - Getting Things Back On Track

    One of the given things in Life is that whenever we think that we have everything under control, only to have reality slap some sense into us just to prove that we aren't as in control as we would like to be. It is something that we are always striving to achieve, yet almost never truly achieve. Despite our best efforts, we slack off at times and then find ourselves struggling to catch back up.
    I have almost reached the point of missing my writing deadlines. I have taken the worst possible option, and that is to write something that really is meaningless just to make myself feel better about having written something. The mundane details of my daily life are hardly Pulitzer material, and I continually try to break out of that habit before it becomes permanent. I want to expand my writing ability and confidence, not just meet a goal to write each day without any real effort to make each entry unique and enjoyable for someone else to read.
    I will have to open up the vault of self-discipline once again and set aside a block of time to write each day on something that is of interest to me. The Type B side of me (the majority) hates this imposed effort because it feels like I am constraining myself artificially. In reality, I am doing this to rein in the free spirit side of me to a degree in order to channel that energy into my writing. This is a delicate balancing act and it will work as long as I establish the routine. Once I have created that inner routine, I won't have to settle for a set time each day.
    My daily routine plays a part in this dilemma. There are plenty of days when I cannot take the time to write until evening rolls around. I do not have the luxury of being able to take time out of my day solely based on when inspiration strikes me. I think that this will change more as I continue to telework 4 days each week, but I am still adjusting to the new routine overall. My first priority remains my job during the hours that I am assigned to work, and I understand that writing has to take a back seat to this.
     I feel better already having written this much. Without too much imposition on myself I have managed to take my time and focus solly on my blog. Victory for one day, at least. The challenge will be to keep my focus as I move forward.

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