Dreamer's World April 26 2015

It is Sunday morning. I got Hal off to work this morning, the sun is finally out, and I am getting ready to start my day. I have to get gas in the Beetle and then run by the office to pick up the last of my stuff from there. After that, I will be going to look at the computer desk I mentioned yesterday. I want to get the exact measurements on it before a final decision is made.
I have finished with everything that I had listed above. It feels great to come home and just relax for a while with The Stooges. Hal will be home soon, and there is a chance that we might do something early this evening, but there is nothing planned at this time obviously. Now I can write for a while, and make certain that I get rested up for tomorrow working from home without having to submit all the telecommuting reports.
I honestly had to take a break from the news cycle today, I just needed to enjoy a beautiful day for a change. I periodically do this, just like I periodically purge my social media of people that are so tragically predictable every single day. I realize that I am that way to a degree, I am political by nature and that makes me easy to predict at most times. I was referring to people who have the same old stories and routines every single day.
One of the unintended benefits of my working permanently from home will be no longer having to not say anything about the place I worked for the last 4 years. The situation just became untenable from a personal point of view, and financially untenable from the company's point of view. This means that I can sleep a bit later in the morning :)

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