Dreamer's World April 2 2015 - Learning New Things

    I always enjoy learning something new. Although I prefer to learn things at my own pace, there are times when we are all thrown into the water and proceed to sink or swim and right now is one of those times on the job. I have been tasked with more research, not a problem. I have also been tasked with moving these research projects through a software application that involves an external series of processes in order to get them to completion.

    I am not an engineer nor a software developer. The new system that the company has bought into is specifically geared towards those people. I am now beginning to learn how to think like an engineer or a developer, and the process of doing so is rather painful. I can identify problems with the data and visualize solutions, I can even use my creative side to provide the engineers and developers with visual solutions to the problems that are encountered, but to force these through this new software application is going to prove rather difficult for me.

    When I identify a problem, I can easily document it. When I talk to the client, I can easily take their suggestions and create statements that accurately reflect their concerns. The problem becomes inserting these items into the software app and then dealing with the external process steps to take these items from problem identification/proposed solution to actual finalized solutions. The attempt to streamline things actually makes them more difficult, in my opinion.

    I honestly believe that this new software designed to “track progress” is nothing more than an exercise in training people which way to run in order to get the cheese in the maze. Whenever something becomes more important than what it was designed to improve upon, that is always the recipe for disaster.

    Regardless, I will do my best to fit in with this stuff because I still love my job. Learning something new is always a challenge. This time, I will have to add some extra motivation into the mix.

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