Dreamer's World April 27 2015 - Why?

    I often find myself wondering why things happen. Life has a way of throwing curve balls at us when we are expecting a fastball. We all strive to make the last-minute adjustment and hope to make contact with the ball rather than an empty swing that makes us look foolish. Such is Life.
    The thing to remember is that we all swing and miss in our lives. Each mistake that we make is a learning experience that shapes us into a better person as the game goes along. We all start out totally incompetent, and only by learning through trial and error do we ever advance.
     Having said this, it does make one wonder why we seem to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. The issue of Police Brutality leaps to mind almost immediately. We have an epidemic of Police Brutality in this country, and yet we cannot seem to identify and overcome the problem. Too many people are being killed for this problem to be ignored any longer. And yet, nothing seems to change and it leaves me wondering what it is that we need to do to make things better.  
     How many more people must DIE at the hands of the police before we take this seriously? It is nearly impossible to believe that this is not a racial issue, because the vast majority of the victims of police brutality are African-Americans. It is not a huge leap to think that if the victims were White, that the outrage would be beyond belief.
     I am afraid that the problem runs very deep. Judging from the way in which the victims of police brutality are betrayed in the media, it is obvious that Black lives matter less than White lives. This is WRONG! There should be no difference between the two, but sadly, there is.     

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