Dreamer's World April 11 2015 - A Big Decision

    A big decision was made Friday I will be teleworking from now on with the exception of Wednesdays. I had reached the end of my patience with the company regarding the condition of the remote office where I have been working since 2011.
    The company never found it expedient to provide the money or resources necessary to maintain the property properly. This is a shame since the company actually owns the location. The team I am on was relocated there initially as a temporary option. Obviously, things fell through the cracks and those promises were forgotten. I understand their position, because there have certainly been periods of uncertainty for companies doing business with the government over the last few years, but that was no longer a valid reason to keep us at the location.
    I have discussed this issue at length with my supervisors and team leads. Apparently, there was no one at the corporate level that wanted to 're-examine the situation. Since there are only 3 people on the team at this location, it was basically safer for people in charge to pay lip service to our concerns and do nothing.
I am certain that this is the right thing to do. I can be more productive working from home, and that is always the primary factor. I have set up the computer desk with some extra space to accommodate the two laptops from the office and I might purchase a monitor, or bring one from the office if that is permitted. There will be some adjustments in the beginning, but nothing that cannot be overcome with a little time.
Saturday is when I will also get an extra networking cable in order to have everything that I need. The old cable isn’t long enough. I went and purchased one, and that has been taken care of. All that remains now is to set things up and start work work on Monday morning. I am sure that things will work out for the best, and I welcome the new challenge.

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