Dreamer's World April 21 2015


     Today has started out rather well, all things considered. I am getting quite a lot done at work and have been relatively uninterrupted all morning long. This is good because the afternoon has more conference calls in store for me. I am going to try to have a nice lunch here at home and relax before the conference calls turn my brain into soup. There is plenty to do here after work is complete, starting with picking up the Beetle, which I HOPE will finally be finished today. There has been a major problem getting the right part in to complete what is not a major repair, and I am tiring of the whole thing.
     Now the daily conference calls begin right after lunch. This is the most boring part of the day since it never seems to end. I still have note heard anything on the Beetle, but there are still several more hours for this to be corrected. I need the car tomorrow without any doubt at all. The garage has been very cooperative and stayed in touch with me.
     t least, I am only on the conference call and not trapped in the room with these people. I honestly don't know how I would respond if that were the case. After all, I want to maintain my good rep :)
     The workday is finally over. I just called and the Beetle will be ready by 1700 this evening. I am ready to have it back and completely repaired. Plus, I will need it for my weekly trip to the office tomorrow.
     I had a great evening with Hal. I also have the Beetle back, and it is running perfectly now. I really need to get back to focusing on this blog for at least 30 minutes each evening before it is time for bed!
     Until tomorrow, have a great evening everyone.

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