Dreamer's World April 13 2015 - Working From Home

Today is the first day of what I hope will become permanent teleworking from home. It will be an interesting adjustment, but one that I am gladly willing to make now. I can do small things like drop the car off for service about a block away without any trouble. I can also do some cooking during the day rather than wait until after work, which is very nice!
Working like this also allows me more time to do some writing in between phone calls and normal tasks. I can do this on my own machine which is a great comfort to me.
I am also noticing that time seems to be moving much faster today than on a normal day at the office. This is another great benefit to working from home. In fact, the only drawback is the reporting on activities that is required. With luck, I will be able to change my work location to “other” in the future and do away with all this tedious timekeeping. It doesn’t really matter to me any longer. I am going to keep this schedule, and I will go to the office on Wednesday of each week.
I am also enjoying the fact that the cooking is nearly complete. I will not have that to take care of this evening. This is especially beneficial since I have my Chiropractor appointment this evening as well.
The afternoon has arrived much more quickly than I expected. I am sitting through the conference call, having already provided my inputs and planning out the afternoon work until I have my 1-1 meeting with my supervisor at 1500 this afternoon. After that, I am done for today and can relax. It is time for a well-deserved break right now. It is a nice day to take that break on the balcony.
Got some more work done and am now waiting for the meeting with my supervisor. After this, I’ll sign off work and call to see about the Beetle before planning my trip to the Chiropractor this evening.

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