Dreamer's World April 24 2015 - A Break in the Routine

    Sometimes, a change in our daily routine is exactly what we need to clear our heads and see things more clearly for a change without the clutter of everyday blocking our view.  I had deliberately chosen today as what I like to refer to as a "mental health day" in which I just take a day off work and away from the office.
Today, Hal and I went back to Upper Marlboro, MD. THis is where we lived for 9 years when we first moved to the DC area. It was so nice to see the place again. Although it has grown, it remains very much a quiet country town less than 20 miles from Washington, DC. Hal and I decided to make the trip on my day off in order to just spend time together and reconnect with each other. We had a wonderful day, and arrived back home early this evening exhausted, but well satisfied with our day.
Too often we get caught up with daily things. By the time we realize this, and try to make a change, the change itself becomes just another chore on our to-do list. I believe that takes away the spontaneity of life, and that is very sad, because the spur of the moment decisions are often exactly what we need to break out of the prison of our everyday lives.
I wanted to do more today, but I realized that we had already done so much more than I would have thought possible. The most important thing was the time that we spent together with each other without a care in the world. We relived some memories and made some new ones today, and that is what made this such a wonderful day for both of us.
Tomorrow is Saturday, and that means that Hal goes to work. I have some tasks to keep me busy. There are plenty of other things that I can write about, but they will wait until tomorrow or later. I just wanted to let everyone who reads this know that you should just take a day and get away from the routine. Just live and enjoy it. Spend time with someone you love, and enjoy being together.

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