Dreamer's World January 15 2015 - A Blah Day

    Some days just defy classification. They are not perfect, yet they are not awful. Today is one of those days for me.  The weekend is getting closer, but is still another day away. The desire to do something other than be at work is strong, but I honestly have no idea what I would do if I were to just leave the office. Days like this can only be described as BLAH.
    Hopefully, things will improve when I do leave here at 1530. I would like to at least get out some this evening and perhaps go to dinner. I have been very good and stayed home and cooked for the last few weeks. Perhaps I just need a break and a change in scenery to brighten my mood.
    I am finished with lunch and am also done with the conference calls for today. I have decided that Hal and I are going out to do something after work in order to break out of this routine before it causes the blues to set in. We will have a nice dinner somewhere at the very least. Less than 2 hours until quitting time here for me, and I am ready to go. This will hopefully be a quick afternoon around here.

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