Dreamer's World January 14 2015 - The Drums Of War

    Ever since the tragedy in Paris, the US media has swung into full-scale hystrionics attempting to justify another war to add to the ones that we are already involved in. This reminds me of the same pattern that followed 9/11. Could it be that the corporate masters want another war in order to continue to make profits. The RWNJ politicians that are controlled by the police state are more than happy to bang the drums loudly because another large-scale war would allow them to maintain or even increase the amount of control over the population. 
    This process sickens me. After years of pointless war, we are attempting to finally get out of the conflicts, yet now the drums are beating again, louder than they have in many years. Is this what we have become? Are we destined to stumble blindly from one military misadventure to the next? What has happened to America to set us on this path?
     There are many answers to these questions. As long as there is a profit to be made from the sale of weapons, there will always be another war. If the corporations cannot convince/manipulate the US into fighting, there will always be other countries to buy the weapons that we produce in such excessive quantities. These corporations have no concept of the value of human life, in that regard they are identical to the worst terrorist.
     The political allies of the corporations will do what is asked of them. They do not send themselves or their children off to fight, that is left to the proles, for lack of a better term. When the politicians manipulate the economy to suppress job creation at home, the military becomes a viable option for many. The media is happy to play along, producing garbage about how noble it is to fight for one's country without mentioning that we are not at war in any traditional sense.
     Another thing that I find offensive by it's nature is the Wounded Warrior Project. I am a veteran, and I find it repugnant that the American people are asked to contribute to charities to "help our veterans" when those veterans were promised unconditional support both before and after combat by the powers that send them to fight in the first place. The corporations and RWNJ politicians do not want any government program in place to help the veterans, because that would indicate a use for government to address societal problems in general. Performing those actions would require that the corporations actually have to pay their fair share of taxes, and that is something that the corporations will not do.
    So, we have the corporations avoiding any taxation at all, then using their profits to buy politicians and give them orders to beat the drums of war so that the corporations will get even more profit from the society that they are supposedly a member of.
    War is a racket, it is a scheme pulled on the American people to avoid having attention focused on the real problems that we face in this country right now. Add the media drum beat to the mix, and we are looking at having yet another war happening very soon.
    I hope thata this entire theory is wrong. I hope that people will see past the flag-waving and the phony patriotism. I wish that I was confident that this will actually happen, but only time will tell.

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