Dreamer's World January 27 2015 - A Weird Start

     I wrote yesterday afternoon how tired I was. I did go to bed and slept for over 6 hours. While that was wonderful, now it has me awake at midnight struggling to get back to sleep. I hope that I'll be able to get back to sleep by 1 am.
     We finally got the snow we were threatened with. Probably no more than 2 inches, so I am planning on going to the office in the morning.
     Of course, it can be difficult to go back to bed when Stevie Nicks decides that she wants some extra attention. I don't mind showing her some love before I attempt to sleep again. It relaxes me to spend some extra quality time with her at any time of the day or night. She is very special to me, and I cherish each moment, and every loving gesture she makes. Trying to type with her tail constantly hitting me is a challenge, but I will persevere.
     So, this week has really started off on what I would call the wrong foot. Tuesday I hope to get things back on track and be all caught up by the end of the day. I am waiting on payday later this week as well as my tax refund. Those will both come in handy for me. My plan for the refund is simple, and that is to put all of it into savings and let it stay there as long as possible.
     With luck, the week will start looking up soon. As tight as money has been after taking Spartacus to the vet, at least I didn't have to put anything on the credit card. That was a tremendously wonderful feeling. For such a long time, I would have had no choice but to use a credit card that already was carrying a high balance.
     2015 is the year in which I will make a real dent in that credit card balance. That is my primary financial goal for this year. I have already been planning the best way for me to attack the balance and get it reduced as quickly as possible. I have already made some noticeable progress, and I want to continue.
     Stevie Nicks has finished with her help on this blog post, and has wandered off to explore something else. This is a sign that I can try to go back to sleep, at least I hope to. The first goal will be to not wake Hal as I go to bed. I am going to smoke a cigarette and then head off to bed. I will resume this post later in the day.
     Just hot home from work and had some soup as a light dinner. Hal and I are watching "Saving Mr. Banks", the movie about the woman who wrote" Mary Poppins ". All I can say is that she was a bitch on wheels!
     Anyway, I hope to get a good night's rest again so I can start tomorrow off right.

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