Dreamer's World January 24 2015 - A Much Needed Quiet Day

    Today was Saturday, and I decided that I was not going to leave the apartment. I had food here, the Stooges to keep me company, and time to rest for a change. I got Hal out the door and on his way to work in the morning and almost immediately went back to bed for a few hours.
    I woke up around 0930 and showered. After that, I began a blog post that really crashed and burned within a few minutes. I just couldn't get my thoughts to line up properly as I tried to write them down. Eventually, I gave up and decided to watch some basketball on tv. By the middle of the afternoon, guilt began to set in about my lack of progress with the blog. I attempted to rewrite the post a few more times, without success.
    Hal got home and we talked and had dinner. After a while, I decided to scrap the post and just write about the day I had instead. Here it is!
    The good news is that UK beat South Carolina today. I plan to get out for a few errands tomorrow and if the weather forecast deteriorates, I will drop ny the office to get my laptop and prepare to work from home on Monday morning. I don't think things will be that bad however.
At any rate, I have absolved myself of the guilt about not getting a blog post written today. I hope that tomorrow my process will be smoother.     

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