NYPD and Respect

    The NYPD has gained a lot of attention over the last few months. I say that as someone who does not live in NYC. I am sure that those who live in NVC are all too aware of the belligerent and abusive attitude that the NYPD has become known for. It seems that whomever is in charge of Public Relations for the NYPD is a complete idiot! The NYPD Union has given the entire department a well-deserved black eye with their rather public feud with Mayor De Blasio. I cannot recall anything like this happening in recent memory outside of a kindergarten class! The NYPD is throwing a temper tantrum because they have been caught on video being violent and excessive in their use of force. Rather than accept the responsibility for their action and work to correct the problem, the NYPD has taken to behaving like spoiled children and misbehaving in order to draw attention to themselves.
     The last time I checked, the NYPD like all other police departments across the country, are accountable to the elected officials, and not the other way around. Perhaps this was some type of informal agreement between the NYPD and previous mayors, but if so it was not legal and has rightly been called out in public by the new Mayor. The Mayor was elected, the NYPD was NOT. If the NYPD cannot being themselves to work within the system that they are sworn to protect and uphold, it is time for those policemen and women to find another line of work! 

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