Dreamer's World January 25 2015 - A Place for Me

    I have traveled the world and I have been many places. There are beautiful spots where I would love to live. I have reached a conclusion that the place that I am the happiest is the place that I am right now.
    My home is the place where I feel happy and safe. I have found that place after searching for many years after leaving where I was born. It is important to realize that we often miss the place we belong due to forces exerted on us from outside ourselves. Greed, envy, and sadness will conspire to keep us searching for a place to call home as we grow older. It makes so many of us miserable because we feel that if we only had a few more things, or met another person, that we would finally be happy.
    That type of thinking is something that happens to us all. A long time ago, I was taught that being Happy was a CHOICE that we all have to make at some point in our lives. Happiness starts from within, and not from without. When we are finally able to let ourselves relax and enjoy life, then we have found our home.
    For some people, this means a life on their own. For others it means a life shared with someone very special. I am so glad that I found that person just over 15 years ago. Up until that time, I was constantly chasing "something" that was supposed to make me truly happy, but I could never say exactly what that was. Relationships came and went, but there was never any indication that any of them would be what I sought.
    Opening yourself up to another person is not an easy thing. As we get older, we become more creatures of our own existence and model our lives to fit the conditions we find ourselves in. A real relationship means sharing everything and as always with something so profound, there is the very real chance that we will get hurt in the process. Sometimes things just don't work out as incompatibilities become apparent. This means that things have to be untangled and we start all over again.
I finally found the person I am supposed to be with. Home is now the place where we are together as much as possible. That is the place that I have been searching for, and I am fortunate enough to have found it.     

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