Dreamer's World January 29 2015 - Through The Window

    As I am at the office this morning. I took a look through the window and this is what I saw

     The plant on the inside of the window is my bonsai tree. I have been caring for it for almost a year now. You cannot see but there is a rock in the base that says "Peace". I always associate the care for the tree as an analogy for the constant effort we all must make to provide Peace to our worlds,
    Next is the brick paved yard of the townhouse office. This poorly laid brickwork represents the efforts that we all make to hide what is underneath the surface. I find it amazing how almost every effort to do so only serves to draw attention to that which we seek to hide. This represents a lack of Truth to acknowledge who we are, warts and all because we fear rejection if people know too much about us. We only present what we want them to see.
     There is still some snow left over where the sun never quite has the opportunity to melt it. This reminds me that Winter is not yet over. We still have 2 more months to endure before Spring finally arrives and banishes the cold. This represents reality that cannot be changed, it has to be accepted and dealt with on it's own terms.
    Across the first part of the street, in the median, is a Bradford Pear tree that shows every indication that Winter is still upon us. This tree will not begin to show signs of life again until Spring has arrived. This represents surrender to circumstances, it stands alone between the sections of the street as a warning that isolation leaves us defeated and alone. We might stand proudly in our own minds, but to others we are stubborn and isolated.
    The cold gray pavement symbolizes Now since that is the time of year that we are in. It doesn't change with the seasons and represents stability and constancy in Life. The pavement will be hot or cold, much like our emotions throughout the year.
    On the far side of the street is a tree that stubbornly clings to it's leaves as if to defy Winter until the very end. This reminds me that we must always be looking towards something. We do not always have to give in to the present as long as we have Hope.

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