Dreamer's World January 7 2015


    There are days when I am just glad to make it through. This is one of those days. The news from Paris is just awful, and my heart aches for the victims and their families. I cannot understand why anyone would do these things in the name of whatever god they claim to hold so dear. I hope that the perpetrators are caught and brought to Justice swiftly. The world has enough trouble caused by religion without actually murdering each other over it!
    The other news that is disturbing in another way is the lack of attention being paid to the bombing of the NAACP offices in Colorado yesterday. It seems that whenever an act of domestic terrorism occurs, it is never referred to as that. Instead it is always the "isolated incident". Funny, after so many "isolated incidents" the pattern could not be more obvious and that is that there are people in this country who are so filled with hate that they cannot do anything other than strike out with violence.
    This is one of those days that I am glad to have over with here at work so I can go home to be with Hal and the Stooges and remember just how lucky I am, and to hope that we are all safe and sound tomorrow when things start all over again.

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