Dreamer's World January 22 2015 - Chromebook My Writing Tool

    Today is a day that has gone rather smoothly for me. I suppose that is because I have developed a routine that I can manage without too much difficulty here at the office. It gives me a sense of accomplishment knowing that things are done unless there is some extra tasking that arrives in my inbox. As I get more comfortable with writing, it takes far less effort to find the time to open up the Chromebook and start a blog post on the spur of the moment when things are up to date around the office.
    Several people have asked me what it is that I like about having a Chromebook rather than a PC or a Mac laptop. I always start with the price. A top of the line Chromebook will cost less than $300, much more affordable than the alternatives. I also find that for the purposes of blogging, web surfing and checking emails that the Chromebook is more than adaquate. I used to really wish for a MacBook Air, but I could not afford one. I think that they are awesome machines, and I am sure that they are worth the money, but when one doesn't have that money available it becomes a non-starter.
I have often watched people at Best Buy looking at the Chromebooks. I can tell that they are questioning if this is the laptop that they should get. Occasionally, I will venture over to them and start u a friendly conversation about the Chromebook that I have.
     Most of the time, the people are interested when I tell them about my experiences with the Chromebook, and how much I enjoy using it but I have never seen them decide to purchase one right then and there. At least I have given them an alternative to consider for the future.

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