Dreamer's World January 14 2015 - Another Winter Morning

     Another wintry morning. Another episode of chaos around the DC area as a little bit of snow causes havoc with everything and the local media goes into full-blown panic mode about how they will "keep us safe" from the impending doom that will result from less than 2 inches of snow. There are times when I really wish that Hal and I could just move somewhere warm and forget all this stuff, sadly that isn't very likely to happen.
    And so I get up and go to the Beetle which is parked in the garage of the apartment building and then drive in to the office. Amazingly to some people, the Beetle drives just fine in the winter weather and I don't use the lack of an over-sized SUV as an excuse to stay home from work on days like this. The DC area is notorious for panic during any winter weather event and this is mainly the result of people that cannot drive very well under the best of conditions being turned loose on roads that are less than ideal when there is snow and/or ice. Accidents are happening all the time and are always blamed on the weather. Perhaps the blame should be on the drivers who insist on ignoring conditions and driving as if they are the only people on the road.
    I am fortunate that I go to work early every day and avoid the massive crush of lunatics who cannot adjust their busy schedules to allow themselves more time to get to work when the weather is bad.

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