Dreamer's World - A Snowy Day

    Today is Tuesday, January 6, 2015. We got snow here overnight, and it continued through the morning. What was initially forecast to be 1-3" turned into a Winter Storm Warning with forecasts updated to around 4-6" of snow that would end around midday. At least they got the last part right, it is just after 12 here and the snow has finally stopped.
Any snow that falls in the DC Metro is the equivalent of the end of the world. Panic sets in at the very first mention of the word "snow" and just escalates from there. Grocery stores are raided, hardware stores never have anything remotely useful in stock for winter weather, and the traffic becomes even more of a nightmare than usual. On my way to work this morning, I was nearly T-boned by an SUV that was speeding out of a townhouse complex. The driver of the SUV had conveniently forgotten to clean off his/her windows, and was actually driving blind. A sustained blast on the horn got their attention and they skidded out of control and went all the way across the street. At least they missed me, I bet they wish they could say the same about the parked car that they smashed in to. Luckily, the idiot missed me and I left them behind as I continued on my way to the office.
I find it amazing that I can drive a VW Beetle without any difficulty on the snow, but SUV drivers panic at the first sign that their all-knowing 4X4 might not prevent them from slipping and sliding. SUV drivers are one of the biggest threats to safety around this area when it does snow because the assholes think that they are invulnerable!
     I made it to the office without any further incident, and plan to be here until my normal quitting time around 3:30 this afternoon. As long as it does not start to snow again, I should be fine on the trip home because I will beat most of the traffic. If there is a reason to stop at the grocery store, all I would find would be the twisted remnants of a former civilization left behind there, so that would be a pointless effort. At least I know that I can go home to be with Hal and the Stooges to spend a warm and comfortable evening at home.    

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