Dreamer's World January 10 2015 - Writing

    I have found my inner voice again! I have been writing more often over the last few weeks and it has felt terrific! I have realized several things as I keep writing, and I think that they are worth sharing.
    The first thing I had to realize was that not writing was not making me write any more than before. Until I actually broke through whatever was holding me back, no amount of promises or good intentions were going to get my writing started again. I cannot say when I made the conscious decision to begin writing more, it just happened. I was smart enough to get out of my own way and let things roll.
    The next thing I learned is that I have to write for myself first. If I cannot motivate myself, or find something that I feel strongly enough to write about, then I have a problem. Whatever the subject, I have to actually enjoy the process. While it is extremely gratifying to get likes and the occasional comment from someone, I have to remember that since I am not writing to make money that I have to write for myself first.
    After that, I realized that the best way to get people to actually read anything that I write is to become a more active participant on the blog sites that I use. Reading and commenting on other peoples' blogs that I read often gives mr even more motivation to keep writing.
    Finally, the choice of what tools to use to write is important. I prefer Evernote since I can start an entry at one location, and then access it again later from another place. Since Evernote is web-based, I can use Mac, PC, Chrome, Android, or Linux and still get the same experience and access all the notes I have kept there. After that, it is just a matter of cut-and-paste to get my blog entry to the desired platform (WP and Blogger). Being a Mac user at home, I used to use a software package called MacJournal. I suppose that if I had gone with an iPhone and iPad that I would have stuck with MacJournal, but since I bounce between OS at different times, Evernote is clearly the way to go for me.
    I hope that little insight has proven entertaining, perhaps even useful. At any rate, I am off here for now and will probably start my next entry later today.

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