Dreamer's World January 28 2015 - Under the Weather

     It is very seldom that I feel really unwell. Today is one of those times. I woke up feeling that something wasn't quite right. I came into the office and cannot shake this feeling that I have not had in such a long time. It is that washed-out feeling that often precludes something worse. I certainly hope that I am not about to have to deal with the Flu or anything like that.
    In order to protect myself and everyone else, I have already announced my plans to call into the weekly meeting with the client this morning. The last thing that I need is to be out in the cold this morning waiting on the bus. At least I can get some work done here at the office, and if I really start to feel worse, I can always go home and rest.
    I cannot recall the last time I felt this bad. I am normally the last person to catch whatever is going around, and most of the time I never catch it at all. The idea of going into a closed building with recirculated air is not appealing to me and that is one of the other reasons I am not planning to attend the meeting in person. I am there often enough that I can miss a meeting now and then if I am available to call in instead.
    I will have plenty to do around here to keep myself busy throughout the day. It sounds contradictory, but I will go to get something hot for my lunch today, I just feel that it will be good for me. I hope that my instincts are correct about this. Until then, I have other conference calls that I have to dial into, as well as the one that I am missing in person this morning.
    I just got all my email notifications out about missing the meeting later this morning. I hope to be able to make it through the day here.

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