The Cynic in Me

     I am a cynic. I find joy in pointing out the foibles in our society. I was trying to watch TV with Hal a little while ago and the Tournament of Roses parade was on. I found myself unable to watch unless the volume was turned completely off because the inane yammering of the announcers killed any joy that watching the parade might have given me. When every single thing that was shown had to be accompanied by some human interest backstory, or even worse, a verbal ad for the product I just had to walk away.
     I remember watching the parade as a small child and finding nothing wrong with it. Then I had to go and grow up in so many ways and begin to realize that there is always an agenda lurking behind everything. I am not bitter about the realization of what goes on around me, I am grateful for that, but it does point out the nature of what we have become as a society. When everything is presented to us completely packaged it becomes nothing more than canned culture. The variety is missing from most things today. Powers that we are only vaguely aware of forcefeed us crap rather than information or variety because it is all about their bottom line. We as a population, are viewed as nothing more than empty vessels to be filled with whatver crap they choose to provide to us.
     Being a cynic isnt for everyone. I learned to question things as a child, to never blindly accept things that seemed too good to be true. This has served me well throughout my life. It has caused me some heartache to be certain, but for the ost part it has made me happy. This is not because I feel smarter than everyone else, that is totally subjective. I just find that questioning things around me gives me a sense of purpose, and for that I am grateful. Many of my friends cannot stand when I go off on one of my tangents about things, and I respect them for that, but I have to be true to myself as well.
     Just remember that questioning things does not lead to disappointment, it leads to Truth. Isnt that what we are supposed to all be about in the long term?

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