Dreamer's World January 31 2015 - Things Change

     It is a constant in life that change happens. Sometimes it is hard to understand why, and at other times the meaning is crystal clear to us. This is especially true when change relates to other people and their relationship to us.
     Change is either a reactive or a proactive event in our lives. As we live and learn, experience teaches us whether or not we should take the initiative, or wait for something to happen. There will always be exceptions to this approach, but in the long run, it is the best course of action to take.
     When a friend makes the decision, consciously or otherwise, to drop out of your life the best thing to do is to simply let them go. Explanations aren't required, no justification is necessary. There will never be any peace if both parties aren't truly interested in working to maintain a friendship. Vanishing from someone's life is a pretty good indication that one of the parties has already made their decision.
     Bitterness and regret won't help. Just wish then the best in a silent thought, and cut the cord. This is the way that one accepts these types of changes in one's life. Let the hurt and disappointment go as well, they will only drag you down.
     Remember that change can also be a positive thing. When one thing changes in a bad way, there is always the opportunity for a more positive change that you aren't even aware of yet.

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