Dreamer's World January 11 2015 - The Little Things

    Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest difference in ways that we could never have predicted. I have been using daily pictures of my Snoopy perpetual desk calendar to headline my blog posts for the last few days, and this small act has really inspired mt to blog more than I ever have. Perhaps it is the daily reminder aspect of things, perhaps there is a sense that I would feel guilty if I missed a post and then just changed the calendar to go back and try to make it up. Regardless, this small item has proven invaluable in helping me to write on a daily basis. I have had days since I began this where i have posted numerous time. Seeing this at the top of each post gives me a sense of continuity that was sorely lacking from my past rffortd to get my blog up and running on a consistent basis.
    I wonder what other small changes I can make that would make such a huge difference in my life? It will be interesting to find out.

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