Dreamer's World January 8 2015 Part II

    Social media is a great thing. Without it, we would not be able to share thoughts and ideas with people. There is a line however that I will not cross and that is personal attacks on someone. After I got home this evening from work and prepared the marinate for the pork chops and put them in the refrigerator to season overnight I went to check out Twitter. When I got there I saw a comment that really inspired me, so I commented back. At that point a third person also commented but was rather negative about what I had said. That is their right.
    What began to happen after that was where things got out of hand. The person continued to attack my response. I responded to him twice and said I respected his opinion and requesting that he respect mine. When his last response arrived with a personal insult thrown in, that was it. I blocked him and no longer have to deal with him. No harm, no foul as the old saying goes. I was not upset by this, people are entitled to disagree with each other, but when the defense becomes offense and personal attacks and insults start being hurled, I have learned that it is time to block the offender and move on with my life.

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