My Day

0755. As this Saturday begins, it is cold and rainy here. Not the type of start to the day that I had envisioned, but at least it is a day off from work. i have a few errands to run later today, but nothing that will take me far from home. There might have been some plans to go a bit further out today, but the weather will scrap those plans for right now. Grocery store will be about the limit as long as the weather stays like this. It isn't really that important because I can do some cleaning around the apartment today as long as I am staying in. The last thing that I want is to go out and get wet with the cold weather and catch a cold or something with Monday morning looming in the future. It is a good day to write while I am at home.

1030. I am done with my trip to the store. Got everything that we needed while Hal is at work. I then came home and cleaned out the shower, it really needed it. I've decided that I'm having chili for lunch on a cold, rainy winter day.

2000. Been a good day. Watching football after dinner and hoping the rain stops tomorrow.

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