Dreamer’s World November 11 2015 - Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is here once again. I am a veteran. I served in the United States Navy. This means that I was never actually on a battlefield. I never heard bullets whizzing past me in search of a target, nor did I send bullets out in search of one. The Navy is a world unto itself when it comes to the military. I have the utmost respect for the Army and Marine Corps whose members are actually in the line of fire. I support them 100%.
Having said that, I also have to say that the military cannot solve every problem that our nation encounters. The military are the last ones to actually endorse war or military action as a means of national policy because they know all too well the price that will be paid. Being in the military means that you surrender some of your rights while you are under contract. You do NOT determine when and where you will be sent. You do NOT have the ability to question your orders.
This sounds harsh to those who have never served. I ask those people to remember that the freedoms that we all enjoy are here because there were people who did serve this country. It is OK to hate the war, but never hate the soldiers, marines, sailors, or airmen who fought in it. As I said, they do not make the policy decisions, politicians do. When politicians are too cowardly to explore every option short of military force, they have failed those in uniform.
Too often, the military is seen as the utility tool of US foreign policy. This is totally WRONG! Any politician who resorts to using the military unless every other avenue is closed is a disgrace to this country. I think that it is worth considering whether or not a politician has ever served when judging their decision to use the military. It seems to be a tragic trend that those who have never worn the uniform are among the first politicians to want to use the military. Politicians who have served seem less likely to want to instantly involve the military, although neither is an ironclad case.
I remember holidays spent at sea, both literally and figuratively, while I was in the Navy. To be separated from friends and family is never easy. Ask any veteran how many children’ birthdays they have missed, how many anniversaries, how many graduations? The military can be a thankless job and it is not for everyone.
Veterans don’t ask for special recognition, but they appreciate a Thank You every now and then.

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