Dreamer's World November 25 2015 -Things Left Unsaid

This is a blog post that I really hate to think about writing. Early this evening, I called my cousin in Kentucky to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving as I do every year. She is 82 years old and not in the best of health, so I do worry about her from time to time when I don't hear from her.
When she answered the phone she sounded normal. She claimed that she was tired form spending all day in her kitchen making food for tomorrow to celebrate the holiday with her children and grandchildren. Nothing unusual about that.
Within 10 minutes her voice had really tailed off to almost a whisper. I was alarmed but didn't want to show it. She sounded exhausted and I can understand that after she put in all that work today.
After about 15 minutes on the phone, she said that she was tired and was going to lie down for a while. I wished her a Happy Thanksgiving and she said "I Love You" as she was hanging up. I am alarmed because she has never said that before without having me start by telling her that. I hope that I am not reading too much into this, but something inside tells me that she is not doing well at all and just doesn't want to talk ahout it with me.
I hope that I am completely wrong about this. I would gladly take the blame for being an alarmist, but I have gone through situations like this before. All I can do is hope that she will be OK.

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