Dreamer's World November 24 2015 - Privacy

We live in an age where privacy is something to be jealously guarded. With that in mind, I still have to wonder at the phenomenon of people calling with no caller ID. I have a hard time imagining anyone would willingly answer a call from a number that they do not know these days. Whenever I get one of these calls that only shows a city, I allow it to go to voicemail on the off chance that it is someone I know calling from a different number. If there is no voice mail left, I then proceed immediately to delete that number and to block it from calling me again.
I value my privacy, and I do not want it disturbed by people with whom I have no history. If they were calling and it was important, they would have left a voicemail, if they don’t then it is no one that I want to bother with anyway.

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