Dreamer’s World November 9 2015 - Mizzou

I just saw that the President of the University of Missouri has resigned after a weekend of public protests regarding his failure to take action to curb blatant racism at the University. I am not surprised that this has happened, but I am surprised that it happened so quickly. I applaud the students who brought this to everyone’s attention and who organized the public actions to maintain focus on things. Believe it or not, these students just learned a valuable lesson in how to get things done through non-violent protests. This came from ACTION and not from a textbook. Well done, Mizzou!
The sad part to this tale is the totally predictable reaction from RWNJ around the country to the situation. I believe that they are trained to do noting more than take the first piece of shitty disinformation they hear and then parrot it loudly until people get tired of listening to them. The remarks made against the protestors were pure evidence of the racism that they protestors found so repulsive in the first place.
“Take away their scholarships” was the least offensively worded of these remarks. However, that implies that the football players served no purpose being at the University other than to play football in the first place. It further indicates that if these students were NOT playing football that they would NEVER have been accepted at the University. Therefore, according to RWNJ logic (or lack of), the football players are nothing but servants of the University as a whole. According to RWNJ, they have no rights to free speech or expression because they should be spending all of their time either playing or practicing their sports, or they should be on their knees thanking the overlords for the privilege of actually being at the University in the first place.
The same racist logic was more openly displayed on social media and I will never credit those people by reposting what I saw here. If you followed the story, you will have seen some of the hateful, racist, and idiotic things that were said. The football players became the lighting rods for the attention, and that is another reflection on our society for another post. However ,it was not until these young men took a stand that the issue gained national attention. I applaud them for the savvy of using their status to draw attention to the real situation at the University. Once again, another lesson learned in real life that could not be duplicated in a classroom.
Remember that there is a HUMAN BEING who has been on hunger strike that really began this. I hope that the attention can be directed at him, but I doubt that the infoporn merchants from the MSM will ever actually stoop to doing any work, so my hopes are faint. It doesn’t change the fact that the University students, faculty, and athletes decided that it was time to protest in support of this young man because they believe in what he is trying to accomplish, and that is to bring the problems at the University to public attention, and also the lack of response from the University president to the same level of attention.
While the immediate goal has been accomplished, there will still be a tremendous amount of work to do. Sadly ,RWNJ never lie to lose and I predict that there will be more difficulties due to this as things move forward. I will not be surprised by any incidents that are started by RWNJ lunatics who are upset that the status quo that benefitted them has been exposed as corrupt and rotten. I hope that the students at the University will handle these issues with the same determination and grace that they have shown thus far. Remember that the goal of RWNJ lunatics at this point will be to make things as difficult and unpleasant for everyone as possible. Sadly, I think that the students will have to be more on guard than ever now because RWNJ will stop at nothing to have their way. Please be careful and look out for one another as you have been doing.

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