Dreamer’s World November 1 2015 - To Brunch, Or Not To Brunch. That is the question.

Since I have already posted this morning about the awful state of UK football. Now it is time to have the internal debate about brunch. Should I go to have a nice brunch nearby, or should I simply save the money and stay at home? Both ideas have merit, and I always have to make decisions like this on the weekend while Hal is at work. More often than not, I decide to stay at home and save the money. That is probably what will happen today because I find that I truly dislike going somewhere and eating alone. I would much rather have Hal with me, but he does have to work and no amount of wishing will change that.
Years ago, we used to go to brunch on a regular basis. We always had a great time and then we would do something to pass the time during a Sunday afternoon together. Since Hal retired from his old job and got his LMT certification and began working at that job, the weekends are the best opportunity for him to make money. On the other hand, I have always worked the traditional Monday through Friday schedule on my jobs since leaving the Navy. I really cannot imagine working weekends anymore.
And so, that is a brief background to explain the dilemma that I find myself in every weekend now. There are really no other people that I would want to meet for brunch. Experience has taught me that those people usually want something from me. Whether it is attention, or more likely, money or financial help, I have no time for them. I never truly did. I just dislike getting involved in their issues and problems. I grew tired of them and their behavior very quickly.
The decision is not a hard one to make. I am staying home. It saves me some money and it keeps me centered on what is important, and that is all right here.

One of the things that I dislike is when we change the clocks. It is now 1800 and Hal is home and it is already dark outside. I stayed home today, I feel the same as I do this time every Sunday. I am glad that I saved some money, but at the same time, I regret not doing more on the weekend. No amount of thinking about this will change it. What is done, is done.
Hal and I have talked about the upcoming holiday season. He is going to visit family in Philadelphia for Thanksgiving and this will leave me alone with the Stooges on that day. I will just plan to spend the day here. If that is what happens, then I am still very lucky to have this nice place and The Stooges to spend my time with.
As for this evening, I will watch the World Series and see if the Kansas City Royals can win it all tonight. I don't have to worry about commuting in the morning before I start work, and from what I currently know, it will be a full day for me. I hope that everyone will have a wonderful night and an even better tomorrow.

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