Dreamer's World November 2 2015 - Thank You, Anonymous

Late last night as I was watching the World Series and a fantastic comeback by the Kansas City Royals to claim the championship, I began noticing on Twitter that Anonymous was releasing the information on some members of the KKK. My attention was spilt between the two events and I was able to see what was going on. By the time the game ended and I was ready to go to bed, I was completely enthralled by the job Anonymous was doing.
As I woke up this morning, I see that Anonymous has been continuing their efforts to expose members of the KKK to the public. I am excited by this. These people do not deserve to hide when they advocate hatred and discrimination. Their privacy, especially for those in politics or law enforcement, is outweighed by the need of the public to know exactly who these people truly are.
So far, there have been US Senators named as KKK members, as well as mayors and law enforcement officials. Not surprisingly, the mainstream media is silent about this. My own personal theory is that they themselves are about to be implicated as members and aren’t sure what to do or how to respond.
I am also not surprised because the effort to find and identify these people is not beyond the capabilities of a teenager with a computer. The fact that the mainstream media has never thought to do anything like this indicates, at leasts to me, that they are complicit in the obscene power structure. My disdain for the mainstream media is well known. I cannot trust them to ever report anything of importance unless it is forced down their throats by their corporate masters.
The mainstream media is nothing more than an infoporn factory that vomits out bullshit disguised as news in order to keep people from actually asking the tough questions that concern us all. Even this morning, they refuse to acknowledge what is going on in the netherspehere, but if this was something to do with the fucking Kardashians, the mainstream media would be generating wall-to-wall nonstop coverage.
I want to congratulate Anonymous for what they are doing. When the supposed bastion of the press fails in their responsibility to us, it is left to groups like Anonymous to provide the truth that we need to know. Keep up the good work, Anonymous!

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