Dreamer’s World November 4 2015 - So Glad That I Left Kentucky

I was born and raised in Kentucky, in the western part of the state that bears little resemblance to the eastern part in more ways than one. For a start ,the western part of Kentucky is less mountainous, and in most places almost prairie when compared to the hills in eastern Kentucky. The people are different as well. The area I grew up in along the Ohio River was much more rural, although a large city in Indiana, Evansville, was right across the river from my hometown.
Although the demographics were limited, and diversity was not as great as other places I still didn’t feel that I was raised to look down on or to disapprove of anyone. It probably helped that both my parents had moved to the area from somewhere else as well. It was the 1970s when I was a child, things were more liberal then, even in western Kentucky. The religious extremism that is so blatant today was openly laughed at when I was a kid. I don’t know exactly when or why, but things began to change in the early 1980s. I was graduating from high school and on my way to college in Lexington at the time, so I wasn’t too aware of the changes because Lexington was another rather liberal area.
I did begin to notice that there were some groups on campus that were totally wicked out on religion. One of my dorm roommates became infected with this disease and it quickly became apparent that I, the Atheist, and he, the RWNJ lunatic would not be able to coexist in the same room for more than 2 semesters. In hindsight, I suppose that the rumblings that these lunatics were making should have alarmed me more, but they didn’t seem like the type of people that could be taken seriously.
After graduating from college, I left Kentucky to make my way in the world. I did return for about 18 months during 1994 until early 1996, and I was struck by the way that things had changed even in a place like Lexington. The new RWNJ religious mantra was “Compliance is Freedom”, “Hate is Love”, and “Close you mind to those who are different”. It was like I had moved to a Fascist country or something. I left again and never looked back. Having seen the rest of this country and the world, I knew that I would never be happy living in Kentucky with those people making every effort to gain political power in order to transform the place into a cult camp.
Fast forward to today and think of the whole Kim Davis saga. To someone who isn’t a part of the hive mentality, the issue is ridiculous regardless of whether or not you happen to agree with the decision on same-sex marriage. The issue has been decided, but these lunatics cannot accept that and move on. Speaking of marriage, I find it so predictable that the lunatics have a gun fetish as well. To them, there is no divide between Jesus and a gun. Apparently, Jesus packed heat at all times and would kill anyone who was a perceived threat. Funny, I never remember hearing that growing up.
So what you have now in Kentucky is a population that is so mind-controlled, or terrified of those who are mind-controlled that is incapable of moving forward or making any real progress on anything. The racism that exists just magnifies the problem. Recently, voters in Kentucky were all full of praise for Kynect, but they hate Obamacare. I will leave it to minds wiser than mine to explain to these lunatics that the Kynect system IS part of Obamacare. And yet these deluded lunatics just voted to end the program that allowed them to have healthcare! The mind reels over things like this. It is an indicator of how dangerous religion can be when allowed to inject its venom into politics. Personally, I think religion is a MINDFUCK and a means to control gullible people. Kentucky seems to indicate that it is a very effective way to get people to vote against their own self-interest.
I am so glad that I left Kentucky when I did. I feel terrible for the people there that live in a state that is more like Jonestown than America. Sadly ,this mess is of their own making. I am not overly confident that they will wake up and see reality anytime soon.

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