Dreamer's World November 28 2015

As we attempt to process yet another terrorist attack here in America, it is worth noting that our national hypocrisy is showing and it isn't pretty. While we mourn those killed in Paris, we neglect the people who are killed here everyday in senseless gun violence. It is a safe bet to say that the US suffers a Paris-style casualty count EVERY FUCKING DAY, and yet NOTHING ever changes.

The Colorado Springs terrorist attack unveiled another ugly characteristic of the American psyche. Because the target was a Planned Parenthood clinic, there are those "god-fearing, flag-toting, pro-military, and gun-nut" crowds that are actually cheering this terrorist! This is beyond disgusting. I would have thought there was a level below which RWNJ lunatics would not dare go, but they always surprise me.
I find it very easy to believe that a Fascist like Trump is leading among these completely stupid morons. He talks loudly, he attacks everyone who disagrees with him, and he offers nothing but empty sound-bites as promises because he is so "tough". The lack of education in this country is clearly showing because the entire concept of critical thought is greeted with name-calling and verbal attacks.
It is also very telling that in the hours after the Colorado Springs terrorist attack, that NONE of the republiKKKan presidential candidates bothered to issue a statement condemning the attack. Their silence is deafening, and it speaks volumes about their own agenda.

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