Dreamer's World November 22 2015 - Goodbye, Clara Oswald

"Face The Raven" was last night's episode of Doctor Who. I am a huge fan of the show and have been for many years. Last night marked the second time that one of the Doctor's traveling companions has died as a part of the story arc. The character of Clara Oswald has been on the show for nearly 3 years, and Jenna Coleman, the actress who protrayed her has moved on to bigger and better things.
I hate to break this to the Who-niverse, but I am glad to see the Clara character leave the show. I understand the premise that a companion is the viewer's point of view for the series, but I never thought that the chemistry between Coleman and Peter Capaldi was worthwhile. Clara seemed to be the star of the show and that forced Capaldi to play off her. The Doctor is the main character, and to the extent that a companion enables us to understand the Doctor, she was very good. I contend that the scripts were not written to allow Capaldi to grow into his role as he should.
Clara made an interesting companion to Matt Smith before he left. I think that the age difference between Coleman and Capaldi was something that could not be overcome due to the scripts. This is not in any way an attack upon Coleman, but rather upon the writers and producers of Doctor Who.
Of course, I see things from an American perspective and I understand that Doctor Who has not been as highly received in the UK as it has in the US with Capaldi in the starring role. Even the "death" of Clara seemed unnecessarily long and drawn-out. I did not time the scene, but I was reminded of the Matt Smith regeneration scene because it took forever to get through. I did not see the need for this.
I know some people cried during last night's scene. If I had been tempted to, it would have only been to celebrate the fact that Clara was finally gone!

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