Dreamer's World November 23 2015 - Foreign vs Domestic Terrorism

Because terrorism is a worldwide phenomenon I think it is important to look at how these groups operate. On the one hand you have foreign terrorists such as those pictured below:
But we also have to clearly acknowledge that we have terrorists right here at home. These are the real threat to our society. They somehow claim to be “patriots” who defend “heritage” from “outsiders”. The funny thing is that the terrorists pictured above say exactly the same thing.
Our own domestic terrorists have bombed buildings. They have opened fire on innocent people in schools, movie theaters, concerts, churches, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. This has been going on for years without any attempt by the government of the media to investigate. They prefer to react as if these domestic terrorists are all “loners” or “isolated incidents” when in fact they are part of larger groups with their own evil agendas.
Keep in mind that the attacks in Paris are eerily similar to what we have experienced here. Could foreign terrorists finally have adopted the business model that our own domestic terrorists have been using successfully for years?

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