Dreamer’s World November 1 2015 - End of college football interest

It has turned from October into November now. My interest in college football is officially dead after the train wreck that started a dumpster fire at the trailer park known as Commonwealth Stadium last night as Tennessee beat the shit out of Kentucky in the annual massacre. How appropriate that this happened on Halloween, as Kentucky looked like the scantily-clad coed who investigates the scene of the murder armed with nothing but a shoe. That is what it was like last night. Honestly I didn’t watch the game, but friends kept pulling me away to tell me the latest awful news from the game. If I expected anything positive from UK football, it would have ruined my Halloween, fortunately I am smarter than that and always expect the worst when UK takes the field in order to pose for the police-tape outline.

If I cared anymore, I would be calling for Coach Mark Stoops to be fired. I simply don’t care anymore. The most damning evidence was the empty stadium during the 3rd quarter. Well, that isn’t exactly true, the Tennessee fans stuck around to see how bad the result was going to be. The UK fans had already left. We have seen this shit before, it never changes. Always the promise to be competitive that amounts to nothing. The permanent statements that “UK is getting better in football” without UK ever ACTUALLY getting better in football. All the false hopes. All the padded schedules to attempt to get eligible for a bowl game where the only palm trees are in the hotel lobby, and they still cannot manage even that.

I wish I cared enough to say fire the coach. I don’t, not anymore. My life moves on and I cannot wait until UK Basketball when we can actually EXPECT to WIN, and not just HOPE to AVOID another terrible loss.

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